Do you have an idea for a session that would be perfect for  DSAIA's 2024 Annual Leadership Conference?

DSAIA is looking for proposals that are specifically targeted to nonprofit leaders. This year's theme is What is Your Why? This is YOUR opportunity to share your experiences and your expertise. Check out the 2024 Proposal Submission Guidelines to learn everything you need to do to submit a successful proposal. Before you submit your proposal (see link below), take a look at the tips below.

Want to know how your proposal will be reviewed?  Click here and we'll tell you everything!

  • All presenters will receive a complimentary conference registration as a thank you for your willingness to share your expertise.
  • The DSAIA audience consists of leaders in the Down syndrome community and includes executive directors, board members, staff, and volunteers. Some come from organizations run by volunteers with no staff, some from large, well-established organizations with multiple staff. Please be clear about your target audience.   
  • The title should be no more than 15 words--make sure it will grab the attention of our attendees--and reviewers!
  • You will be asked to include a brief description (75 words) that describes your proposal for our attendees. If your proposal is accepted, this is what will appear in our program.
  • Whoever you identify as your lead presenter becomes our primary contact. This is the person who will receive the proposal confirmation and any important updates about your session.
  • For each presenter, you will need their name, email address, and a brief bio (125 words). Sessions are limited to four presenters; spotlight sessions are limited to two.
  • You can choose from two session types: session (60 minutes) or spotlight (30 minutes).
  • Include a description of how your proposal is particularly relevant to the DSAIA audience. Make sure our reviewers understand why this presentation should be included in the program.
  • Tell us why you (and your co-presenters) are especially qualified to present this material.
  • Let us know how you plan to organize your session. Give an outline that shows how you will use the time to convey your information and identify the 
  • DSAIA is looking for high quality sessions that will engage our attendees in active learning. Be prepared to tell us what specific strategies you will use . Need some ideas? Click here to find out how to strengthen your proposal.
  • In sections where there are posted word limits, the fields will cut off if you exceed the limit. If that happens, make some edits to shorten your text.
  • Once you submit your proposal, a confirmation email will be sent to the lead presenter.  If you do not receive this email, let us know as soon as possible.
  • Lead presenters will be notified by October 13 if your presentation has been selected for inclusion on this year's program.
 Proposals are due October 1, 2023